NSW Oxford Maths: 7 – Stage 4 [Student Book+obook pro] [For the NSW Curriculum]

  • Karen Bellamy, Helen Sorenson, Alexander Blanksby, Jennifer Nolan, Melanie Koetsveld, Sonja Stambulic & Robert Bell
  • Paperback+Digital
  • Oxford University Press
  • 10/10/2023
  • ISBN: 9780190342586

RRP: $75.95 (Inc. GST)


Oxford Maths 7–10 NSW Curriculum is a new teaching and learning resource designed for the Mathematics Syllabus (2022).

Oxford Maths 7–10 NSW Curriculum delivers differentiated instruction that meets the needs of all students, making mathematics accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

With Oxford Maths 7–10 NSW Curriculum you will be able to:

  • Empower every student with precision reporting that identifies misconceptions and addresses gaps in knowledge.
  • Provide seamless access to review and extension materials with inter-year links from Years 7 to 10.
  • Foster design thinking to solve real-world problems with fully scaffolded cross-curricular STEAM projects.

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Meet the NSW series consultant

Karen Bellamy is an experienced NSW Mathematics teacher, teaching since 2004. Over the past six years, she has been the Head Teacher of Mathematics in both a terrestrial school and an online school. Karen is an AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) Teacher in Mathematics, having attended several Summer Institutes and has presented at the MANSW Annual Conference.

Karen holds a bachelor’s degree in teaching, as well as a Master of Educational Studies, where her thesis focused on “Students Retention in Mathematics”. Her special interest lies in student retention of Mathematical Skills and building students’ Mathematics Mindset.

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