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With our up-to-date online subject checklists for schools and teachers, you have all the information you need about our print and digital curriculum resources at your fingertips.

Whether your school needs an order of 50 or 1,000 books, our checklist service is a fast and convenient way to assess what you need so you can start preparing budgets and lesson programs for the year.

Our checklists also include details about any extra discounts that apply for class-set and bulk orders.

If your school is introducing a new subject for the first time, or reintroducing one, our checklists let you see what curriculum-aligned textbook choices you have.

Our checklists are divided into library, primary and secondary sections and include all the curriculum resources that are currently available from publishers, together with new-title information, prices and expected release dates.

The most relevant and up-to-date resources

The most relevant and up-to-date resources

Our checklists are regularly updated with new releases relevant to the Australian Curriculum and all the state and territory syllabus standards for schools across the country…. Meaning you’re always informed, and up to date.

We also produce new checklists whenever there are changes to the school curriculum. This means you always receive the most relevant and up-to-date resources to help you deliver the best possible education to your students.

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The most relevant and up-to-date resources
School library recommended reading

School library recommended reading

We know the importance of keeping your library shelves stocked with the newest and most popular books. So our library list includes checklists for Premier’s Reading Challenge titles, grouped according to year group; as well as a recommended reading list from the Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA).

We also have checklists for particular genres such as graphic novels…
…and a checklist of ‘Best Books for Schools’ that details price and recommended reading age; as well as regularly updated checklists of age-appropriate new releases that also include a brief synopsis of each title.

Checklists for Primary students

Checklists for Primary students

Our comprehensive selection of primary school checklists includes everything you need for your kindergarten to year six students.

Subject-specific lists include English, Maths, History and Geography, as well as novels by theme and also suggested English texts.

Category checklists include titles on spelling, NAPLAN, grammar, and handwriting.

We also have details about our selection of dictionaries, atlases, and homework books including the popular Cambridge University Press Primary Checkpoints series which can be used either in class, or for at-home study.

Checklists for Primary students
Checklists for Secondary students

Checklists for Secondary students

For years 7 to 12, our secondary school checklists include a wide variety of the most up-to-date curriculum resources for subjects offered at high school. And thanks to our ongoing partnerships with the major publishers, we even know about upcoming titles before they’ve been published!

We have up-to-date checklists on core subjects such as English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Economics, Commerce, Music, Drama, PDHPE and Art. And also additional study areas such as Information Technology, Business Studies, TAS, Agriculture, Hospitality, Legal Studies, Community and Family Services, as well as VET courses.

A comprehensive range of languages are covered too, with checklists on Chinese, French, Italian, German, Japanese and Indonesian.

Looking for a specialised checklist? We can assist you with Drama monologues, NAPLAN resources, and novels by theme, suggested reading booklists for all year groups, and booklists that showcase our wide variety of secondary and HSC study guides and study materials.

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