Providing digital assistance and support for students

Once you receive your Single Student Logon code, you will have access to a whole digital realm of school titles and education resources. Our team are here to assist and help you on your digital learning journey and to answer any questions that might arise along the way.

Along with a unique access code, students also receive a documentation pack that sets out the resources supplied for their personal use, as well as their username, their password and the logon procedure.

By following the instructions in the pack, students can:

Access their Resource List online. Simply go to our student digital logon page and type in your username and password.

You will need to agree to the terms and conditions only for the initial access to this list.

The Resource List may contain PDF and interactive resources.

For PDF resources: select the required resource and download a chapter or a full resource. The download PDF resource will require your password to obtain access. Select ‘help’ for further assistance.

For interactive resources: select the required resource and a transfer is made to the publisher’s website where the resource is available, along with instructions regarding download and use of the interactive component.

For further assistance, select ‘help’ prior to selecting the required resource. The publisher’s website may also contain a help section.

For Jacaranda interactive resources: their terms and conditions will require acceptance before access is granted to the resource. The Jacaranda terms and conditions will only appear on this initial logon.

What if a student misplaces their username or password?

Accidents happen, so if a student misplaces or forgets their username or password, we’re here to help.

You can email us at: Please provide us with the student’s details, and we will forward you the required information. This procedure can also be used to retrieve details of the previously supplied documentation pack.

Students can also ask their class teacher for access information.

If you have any questions about these processes, please contact us here.

Client Testimonials


“Endeavour Education is one of our major Channel Partners supporting the promotion of our products and services to schools via their field sales representatives and retail/online store. As a preferred distributor, the continuous supply of our products and services to schools is very important to us, along with their after-sales service and dedicated customer support team being a vital link in providing quality service to schools, students and teachers.”

Paul Smith - Pearson

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