Time for Spelling 4 9781922242419

  • Karen Francis
  • Hunter Education
  • 2016
  • ISBN: 9781922242419

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Time for Spelling Book 4 is the fifth in a series of seven that takes a child from “Sounds and Words” to advanced spelling skills and techniques. Spelling skills and knowledge develop over time with practice activities, reading and writing. Activities in each book of this series introduce the child to spelling concepts, rules, strategies and many other aspects of the English language. The 32 units of activities have been developed from the guidelines found in the new Australian curriculum for English. Each unit has been structured in a similar way so a child becomes familiar and at ease with activities in the book. The units contain a dictation, a list of words, word building activities, proof reading and many other activities that help make the learning of spelling fun for the child. For the busy teacher, there is a simple program/register for each element of a unit. Here, a teacher can identify the activity and skill being addressed, then sign and date that activity when it has been completed. In addition, a full set of answers is provided at the back of each book, to help save time for the teacher, a child or parent.

Time for Spelling Book 4 takes a child from “Sounds and Words” to advanced spelling skills and techniques. Based on the National guidelines.

  • 32 units of spelling activities relevant to contemporary learning
  • Developed from the latest English Curriculum
  • Unit registration and answers for ease of planning and marking
  • Lessons and content help make the learning of spelling skill and techniques easier

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