The Days of in Between

  • Peter Fenton
  • Omnibus Books
  • 1/9/2019
  • ISBN: 9781760662523

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The shark was pale, shiny grey and quite magnificent. Hypnotised by the creature’s eyes, like large black discs, he was hardly aware of other people gathering tightly around him. It’s the last summer of the 1970s, and as 12-year-old Toby heads to the coast on a longed-for summer holiday, he finds himself almost invisible to his newly-wed father and step-mum. Toby’s loneliness lifts when he meets Tara, the daughter of the local shark fisherman, who is dealing with family issues of her own. A terrifying incident on the old wharf begins a dramatic chain of events within the small coastal town-revealing secrets and creating ripples through both Toby’s and Tara’s families. A lyrical novel of the joys of childhood, friendship, facing truths, the trials of growing up … and the days of in between.

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