Physics in Focus: Year 12 [Text + NelsonNet]

  • Robert Farr, Kate Wilson, Darren Goossens and Philip Young
  • Cengage Learning
  • 2018
  • ISBN: 9780170409131

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Physics in Focus Year 12 Student Book meets the complete requirements of the 2017 NSW NESA Stage 6 Physics syllabus in intent, content and sequence. The student book is written in accessible language and provides clear explanation of concepts throughout. Scenario-style questions at the end of each module and review quizzes at the end of each chapter allow students to review, analyse and evaluate content, to develop a clear understanding across the curriculum areas.


1 Working scientifically and depth studies
2 Projectile motion
3 Circular motion
4 Motion in gravitational fields
5 Charged particles, conductors and electric and magnetic fields
6 The motor effect
7 Electromagnetic induction
8 Applications of the motor effect
9 Electromagnetic spectrum
10 Light: Wave model
11 Light: Quantum model
12 Light and special relativity
13 Origins of the elements
14 Structure of the atom
15 Quantum mechanical nature of the atom
16 Properties of the nucleus
17 Deep inside the atom

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