Pearson Chemistry 12 New South Wales eBook

  • Drew Chan, Chris Commons, Penny Commons, Emma Finlayson, Kathryn Hillier, Bob Hogendoorn, Louise Lennard, Mick Moylan, Pat O’Shea, Jim Sturgiss, Paul Waldron
  • Pearson
  • 2018
  • ISBN: 9781488663499

RRP: $51.95 (Inc. GST)


Introducing the Pearson Chemistry 12 for New South Wales student ebook. Fully aligned to the Stage 6 Senior Science Syllabuses.

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Chapter 1: Working scientifically
Chapter 2: Static and dynamic equilibrium
Chapter 3: Calculating an equilibrium constant
Chapter 4: Factors that affect equilibrium
Chapter 5: Solubility and equilibria
Module 5 Review
Chapter 6: Properties of acids and bases
Chapter 7: Using Brønsted-Lowry theory
Chapter 8: Quantitative analysis
Module 6 Review
Chapter 9: Structure and nomenclature of organic compounds
Chapter 10: Properties of hydrocarbons and haloalkanes
Chapter 11: Products of reactions involving hydrocarbons
Chapter 12: Alcohols
Chapter 13: Reactions of organic acids and bases
Chapter 14: Polymers
Module 7 Review
Chapter 15: Analysis of inorganic substances
Chapter 16: Analysis of organic substances
Chapter 17: Chemical synthesis and design
Module 8 Review

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