Pearson Biology 12 New South Wales Student Book with eBook

  • Sue Siwinski, Zoe Armstrong, Wayne Deeker, Anna Madden, Heather Maginn, Katherine McMahon, Kate Naughton and Reuben Bolt
  • Pearson
  • 2018
  • ISBN: 9781488619267

RRP: $92.34 (Inc. GST)


Introducing the Pearson Biology 12 for New South Wales student book. Fully aligned to the Stage 6 Senior Science Syllabuses.

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  • High quality, current content that supports learners.
  • Developed by highly experienced and expert author teams.
  • Each Student Book comes with Reader+, the next generation eBook.
  • Module openings link to the broader outcomes from the Stage 6 Syllabus.
  • Chapter openings link the Stage 6 Syllabus to the chapter content.
  • Biology Inquiry activities. Inquiry based activities that allow students to engage with key concepts through a simple activity. Students discover the science before they learn about it.
  • Biology in Action sections places biology in context. They refer to the nature and practice of biology, applications of biology and the historic development of biological concepts and ideas.
  • BioFiles scattered throughout include interesting facts and real world examples
  • Worked Examples scaffold problems and guide students through solving them. Each worked example is followed by a Try Yourself. This allows students to immediately test their understanding.
  • Skill builders step students through key scientific and mathematical skills that are essential for learning.
  • Additional content goes beyond the core content of the Syllabus. This content is intended for students who wish to expand their depth of understanding
  • Section review includes a summary to assist students consolidate key points and concepts. Each section finishes with questions to test students’ understanding and ability to recall the section’s key concepts.
  • The NSW Stage 6 Syllabus Learning across the curriculum and General capabilities content are addressed throughout the series and are identified using the following icons.
  • Module review. Each module finishes with a comprehensive set of exam style questions, including multiple choice and extended response. These assist students in drawing together their knowledge and understanding and applying it.


Chapter 1: Working scientifically
Chapter 2: Reproduction
Chapter 3: Cell replication
Chapter 4: DNA and polypeptide synthesis
Chapter 5: Genetic variation
Chapter 6: Inheritance patterns in a population
Module 5 Review
Chapter 7: Mutation
Chapter 8: Biotechnology
Chapter 9: Genetic technologies
Module 6 Review
Chapter 10: Causes of infectious disease
Chapter 11: Responses to pathogens
Chapter 12: Immunity
Chapter 13: Prevention, treatment and control of infectious diseases
Module 7 Review
Chapter 14: Homeostasis
Chapter 15: Causes and effects of non-infectious diseases
Chapter 16: Epidemiology
Chapter 17: Prevention of non-infectious diseases
Chapter 18: Technologies and disorders
Module 8 Review

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