Oxford Science: 7 – obook pro 2e [Australian Curriculum v9.0]

  • Helen Silvester
  • Digital
  • Oxford University Press
  • 10/01/2023
  • ISBN: 9780190332389

RRP: $49.95 (Inc. GST)


Oxford Science for the Australian Curriculum has been developed to meet the requirements of version 9.0 of the Australian Curriculum: Science across Years 7–10. An innovative suite of print and digital resources makes science accessible to all students and increases engagement by giving learners opportunities to achieve success at their individual skill level.

Key features:

  • Engaging Student Book content purpose-written for the new Australian Curriculum presented in a format that’s easy for students of all abilities to navigate
  • Questions and activities throughout that scaffold capabilities, model critical thinking and encourage discussions around ethics
  • ‘Science as a Human Endeavour’ content integrated throughout and supported by skill application questions
  • A range of videos to engage students and support flexible teaching approaches
  • General capabilities and cross-curriculum priorities integrated throughout content and activities
  • All content structured logically in topics to make lesson planning and delivery easier – one concept, one spread, one lesson!
  • Science Inquiry scaffolded across Years 7–10
  • Assessment and Curriculum reports provide realtime visibility over student achievement and confidence.

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