NSW History Transformed: Stage 4 [Text + Interactive CambridgeGO]

  • Stephen Clarke et al
  • Cambridge University Press
  • 21/9/2020
  • ISBN: 9781108887465

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Equip students with powerful tools and skills to analyse and interpret the past and to make a connection between history and its relevance to their lives.

With comprehensive coverage of all syllabus topics across ‘The Ancient World to the Modern World’ (Stage 4) and ‘The making of the Modern World and Australia’ (Stage 5), History Transformed includes:

  • two affordable Stage resources covering all syllabus topics for every Depth Study, offering great value for money without sacrificing the depth of content needed to master historical concepts and skills
  • overviews presented in engaging double-page spreads with timelines and maps, and a more detailed video that students can watch in class or at home
  • concepts and skills development embedded throughout the course in a range of actvities that help students to make the necessary connections between the skill and the subject matter
  • exceptional primary and secondary sources and accompanying source analysis questions carefully selected to encourage students to engage with historical skills in context, including using multiple sources – an essential history skill in higher levels
  • a huge range of activities and assessment tools including scaffolded skills-based activities, Visible Thinking Routines inspired by Harvard’s Project Zero, and a range of end-of-chapter activities
  • comprehensive digital resources to engage students with immersive video and audio sources, widgets and interactive activities in every chapter
  • teaching, learning, assessment and reporting tools through the integrated interactive resources along with a powerful Learning Management System (LMS).



About the authors
How to use this resource
Depth study 1 – Investigating the ancient past
1 Investigating the ancient past
Depth study 2 – The Mediterranean World
2 Ancient Egypt
3 Ancient Greece (digital-only)
4 Ancient Rome
Depth study 3 – The Asian World
5 Ancient India (digital-only)
6 Ancient China
Depth study 4 – The Western and Islamic World
7 The Vikings
8 Medieval Europe
9 The Ottoman Empire
10 Renaissance Italy (digital-only)
Depth study 5 – The Asia-Pacific World
11 Angkor/Khmer Empire (digital-only)
12 Japan under the Shoguns
13 The Polynesian Expansion across the Pacific
Depth study 6 – Expanding Contacts
14 Mongol Expansion (digital-only)
15 The Black Death in Asia, Europe and Africa
16 The Spanish Conquest of the Americas
17 Aboriginal and Indigenous Peoples, Colonisation
and Contact History


About the Authors

Stephen Clarke

Dr Stephen Clarke has taught Ancient and Modern History and Languages for 20 years. He has been a Head of HSIE and Head of Teaching and Learning in both the public and independent systems. Steve has lectured and tutored in Ancient History at The University of Sydney and in Education at Western Sydney University and completed his PhD in Classical Athenian history at The University of Sydney.

Luke Bartolo

Luke Bartolo is Head Teacher of Teaching & Learning at a Western Sydney High School and has written for the academic journals Teaching History, mETAphor, and English in Australia, as well as contributing material to textbooks for Into English, Cambridge University Press, and Phoenix Education. He has a strong interest in Indigenous histories both in Australia and the Americas, and he regularly shares resources and pedagogy on his blog at lukebartolo.blogspot.com.au.

Lani Blackman

Lani Blackman is an Ancient History, Modern History and Legal Studies teacher at Barrenjoey High School on Sydney’s northern beaches. After a first career in law and teaching a number of university law courses, Lani followed her passion for history and turned to the high school classroom. She has presented at a number of HTANSW conferences and study days and contributed to a number of written and video publications with a focus on China and Russia. Lani has also led a teacher study tour to China.

Tim Briscoe

Tim Briscoe has taught History for seventeen years and is currently Head of History at Santa Sabina College, Strathfield. He has taught Ancient History, Modern History, and History Extension during this time, and has worked on examination boards for both the HSC and International Baccalaureate.

Kay Carroll

Dr Kay Carroll is a Lecturer in History Education and the Director of the Secondary Teaching Program, Western Sydney University. Her current research and teaching interests are History Curriculum and Pedagogy. She has been a former Vice President of the History Teachers’ Association of NSW (HTANSW) and History Educator for Macquarie University, the Australian Catholic University and the University of New South Wales. Previously she has been a HSIE Head of Department and teacher across Catholic, independent and state schools. More recently, she has supported the implementation of the NSW History Syllabus K-10 across Catholic schools. She has published texts and journals in Global Education, Historical Inquiry and Pedagogy.

Martin Garner

Martin Garner teaches English as well as Ancient, Modern and Extension History at Mosman High School on Sydney’s lower north shore. Martin has been teaching for 9 years and has worked as for a number of years as an HSC marker for Ancient History.

Ashlee Horton

Ashlee Horton currently teaches English and History in a western Sydney high school, where she has also worked in various Head Teacher roles. She has experience teaching students from language backgrounds other than English and has contributed material for publication by Five Senses Education on how best to support EAL/D students in the classroom. Ashlee has a passion for both history and literature and strives to inspire this love of the humanities in her students.

Sasha Joura

Sasha Joura is a History and English teacher on the NSW South Coast where she has been teaching at Vincentia High School for ten years. She was a recipient of the 2019 NSW Premier’s History Teachers Association History Scholarship and spent time in Western Australia, Sweden, Denmark, and the UK investigating maritime archaeology and how to integrate it in the NSW curriculum. She continues to be enthralled by shipwrecks, Vikings, and making replica artefacts for her classroom.

Andrew Naylor

Andrew Naylor has taught Ancient and Modern history and is currently the Head of History at Wollemi College in Sydney’s western suburbs. A love of all things history was too strong and pulled Andrew from a career in business. Particular areas of interest include Roman, Byzantine and Medieval history and the Samurai period of Japan.

Danielle Raffaele

Danielle Raffaele is an early-career secondary teacher with a passion for History and writing. While at university, she won literary prizes for her essays on History, Studies in Religion and Literature and has presented at several academic conferences across Australia. Before her teaching career, Danielle was an academic tutor at a number of universities and coordinated a university course on ‘Religions of Asia’.

David Thomas

Dr David Thomas is currently a housemaster and teacher of Ancient and Modern History at Cranbrook School and previously served as the Head of the History Department. David has also been active in the Gifted Education program at Cranbook School and completed his doctoral studies in that area in 2008. He has been a long-serving housemaster and teacher of Japanese. He is a co-author of The Great War 1914-1919 and Russia/Soviet Union 1917-1941, and also co-authored a history of Cranbrook School, published in 1997.

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