New Century Maths: 9 – Core & Std Paths [Student book + NelsonMindTap] [NSW Australian Curriculum]

  • Judy Binns, Gaspare Carrozza, Klaas Bootsma, David Badger, Sarah Hamper & Robert Yen
  • Paperback+Digital
  • Nelson Cengage Learning
  • 01/10/2023
  • ISBN: 9780170479370

RRP: $72.95 (Inc. GST)


Tried and trusted by teachers for over 25 years, New Century Maths 7-10 is a complete teaching and learning solution designed to support all students on their Maths learning journey.
These new editions have been expertly mapped to meet the requirements of the new NSW 7-10 Mathematics Syllabus, with a focus on evidence-based pedagogy and student differentiation.
New Century Maths includes engaging investigations and practical activities in every chapter. When it comes to teaching in the spirit, breadth and depth of the syllabus, New Century Maths is your formula for success.

This product includes Nelson MindTap. NMT products are not for individual use, they are for adoption, class set or book hire. Nelson MindTap is teacher-led courseware and requires an active course for access. This is a student activation code that can only be used to access a Nelson MindTap course as part of a school’s adoption. Please contact your learning consultant to discuss purchasing options.

1. Algebra
2. Pythagoras’ theorem
3. Numeracy and calculation
4. Trigonometry
5. Indices
6. Geometry and networks
7. Equations
8. Earning money
9. Analysing data
10. Surface area and volume
11. Coordinate geometry and graphs
12. Probability
13. Similar figures

Klaas Bootsma was head teacher at Ambarvale High School in Campbelltown. He was a senior HSC examiner and has worked on the HSC Advice Line. Klaas has wide experience teaching and tutoring all types of students. He also co-wrote New Century Maths 11-12 Mathematics Standard 2.

David Badger was principal of Toongabbie Christian School and continues to teach at Wollondilly Anglican College. He has been involved in HSC marking and has worked on the HSC Advice Line.

Sarah Hamper is head teacher at Cheltenham Girls High School and has taught at Abbotsleigh School in Wahroonga. She has an interest in gifted and talented (GAT) students, girls education and using technology in mathematics learning. She also co-wrote New Century Maths 11-12 Mathematics Standard 2.

Explicitly mapped to the NESA 7-10 Mathematics Syllabus with syllabus grids and codes

Optional Extension work provide flexible pathways for high-achieving students

Years 9/10 Advanced editions for students heading towards Years 11-12 Advanced Maths courses: faster pace, less revision, more challenging topics

Exercises are colour-coded by difficulty level Foundation, Standard and Complex for student progression

Exercises are labelled for Problem-Solving, Reasoning and Communicating proficiencies so students develop deeper maths skills

Pre-Chapter SkillCheck exercises and online quizzes for students to check prerequisite knowledge for each topic

Post-chapter Power Plus Extension exercises give students an opportunity to test their knowledge of more difficult concepts

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