Katzensprung: 3 – [eBook]

  • Judith Hoffmann, Susann Mitchelle, Haike M?ller, Heather Rae
  • Digital
  • Pearson Education
  • 16/06/2022
  • ISBN: 9780655708278

RRP: $24.89 (Inc. GST)


The series has been updated in 2022 to include eBooks with audio tracks and additional student and teacher resources, to complement the existing textbooks, workbooks and teacher resource kits.

Audio files that were previously accessed via CD are now available on the online and downloadable eBook.

Katzensprung 3 is set in Berlin and Neustadt an der Orla in eastern Germany, with reference to the other German-speaking countries. The Textbook compares and contrasts the lives of Jakob in Berlin and his exchange partner Simon in New Zealand with the experiences of Ines from Neustadt and her exchange partner Megan from Australia.

Features of the eBook

The eBook is the digital version of the textbook. It includes all audio tracks, as well as additional student and teacher resources. It can be used online or offline, independently or in class. Students have access to audio tracks for the textbook and workbook listening, maps, Kapitel word lists, classroom expressions. Teachers have access to all student resources and audio, as well as Kapitel assessment audio tracks, curriculum mapping for the Australian curriculum and the Victorian curriculum, workbook and assessment audio scripts and solutions.

 Each chapter has:

  • clearly stated learning outcomes
  • clear instructions to promote independent learning
  • structured dialogues that introduce and model key language structures and vocabulary (audio tracks on the eBook)
  • a range of text types that integrate language and culture and introduce the new material in context
  • a range of extended speaking activities that encourage students to actively apply the language they have learnt
  • extra challenges for quick workers
  • cultural information presented in a variety of text types
  • tips on language learning
  • activities to use ICT
  • a systematic, topic-based treatment of grammar

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