Just! Series: 8 – Just Doomed!

  • Andy Griffiths
  • Pan
  • 1/4/2012
  • ISBN: 9781742610924

RRP: $12.99 (Inc. GST)


YES / NO Do you ignore health warnings and safety instructions whenever possible? Do you ever play kiss chasey with girls (if you are a boy) or with boys (if you are a girl)? Do you regularly engage in deadly battles with brothers, sisters and/or indestructible cyborg warriors? Do you live on a planet that will one day be incinerated by an expanding start called the Sun? Do you like fast-paced, high-action, high-body-count stories featuring mini-golf, lawn bowls and naked people in the nude? SCORE: One point for each ‘yes’ answer 3-5 You are definitely DOOMED! You will love this book. 1-2 You are fairly DOOMED! You will love this book.0 You are DOOMED, you just don’t realise it.

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