Jacaranda Maths Quest VIC: 10+10A [Text + LearnON] [For the Victorian Curriculum] 2e

  • Catherine Smith, James Smart, Geetha James, Caitlin Mahony, Beverly Langsford-Willing
  • Paperback+Digital
  • John Wiley & Sons Australia
  • 01/11/2021
  • ISBN: 9780730393207

RRP: $75.00 (Inc. GST)


For the Victorian Curriculum Years 7 – 10

The Jacaranda Maths Quest Victorian Curriculum series is completely refreshed with new content, deeper differentiation, and even more innovative tools to enable every student to experience success – ensuring no student is left behind, and no student is held back.

The Maths Quest series include these key features:

  • ‘Powering up for Year 7’ online, 6-week program that is designed to plug any gaps from earlier years
  •  Teaching videos for every lesson that are flexible enough to be used for pre- and post-learning, flipped classrooms, class discussions, remediation and more!
  • teachON section, with practical teaching advice including, learning intentions and 3 levels of differentiated teaching programs
  • eWorkbook that allows teachers and students to download additional activities to support deeper learning
  • Questions match one-to-one in print and online to enable multi-modal classrooms. Fully worked solutions for every question demonstrate best practice and help prevent the creation of misconceptions
  • Simplified theory and explanations and pared back chapter
  •  Even more embedded interactivities and videos to enable students to explore concepts and learn deeply
  •  Differentiated question sets at 3 levels with immediate feedback in every lesson to enable students to challenge themselves at their own level
  •  Learning intentions and success criteria for every subtopic, so students understand what they need learn and can give feedback on their own progress
  •  Visual concepts maps at the end of each chapter to help summarise understanding
  •  Worked examples in every lesson featuring the familiar THINK/WRITE columns provide exemplary solutions and explanations
  •  Response analysis report, for deeper insights and comparisons

The best of both worlds! Get full access to learnON and the printed textbook. The learnON access code is printed on the inside of your textbook; this code will not be emailed to you.

Sample Pages and Table of Contents

Topic 1: Indices, surds and logarithms
Topic 2: Algebra and equations
Topic 3: Coordinate geometry
Topic 4: Simultaneous linear equations and inequalities
Topic 5: Trigonometry I
Topic 6: Surface area and volume
Topic 7: Quadratic expressions
Topic 8: Quadratic equations
Topic 9: Non-linear relationships
Topic 10: Deductive geometry
Topic 11: Probability
Topic 12: Univariate data
Topic 13: Bivariate data
Topic 14: Polynomials
Topic 15: Functions and relations
Topic 16: Circle geometry
Topic 17: Trigonometry II
Topic 18: Algorithmic thinking

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