ICE-EM Mathematics: 5 [Interactive CambridgeGO] 3e

  • Becker et al
  • Cambridge University Press
  • 2017
  • ISBN: 9781108686082

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Designed to foster understanding and mastery of mathematics in every student

ICE-EM Mathematics Third Edition is designed to develop a strong foundation in mathematics for every student in Years 5 to 10/10A, and now offers a new level of digital support for teaching, learning, assessment and reporting.

Developed by the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI), ICE-EM Mathematics helps students of all abilities to understand and master mathematics beyond the curriculum while building strong foundation skills.

ICE-EM Mathematics Third Edition supports the transition from primary to secondary mathematics. Beginning at Year 5, the careful and considered development of topics ensures that students using ICE-EM Mathematics at upper primary level are given the ideal preparation for succeeding in mathematics at secondary school.


1 Whole numbers
2 Addition and subtraction
3 Multiplication
4 Division
5 Length and perimeter
6 Area
7 Volume
8 Fractions
9 Decimals
10 Lines and angles
11 Two-dimensional shapes
12 Three-dimensional objects
13 Maps and coordinates
14 Measurement
15 Decimal arithmetic
16 Statistics and probability


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