Heinemann Biology: 1 [Skills & Activity Book] 6th Edition

  • Yvonne Sanders
  • Pearson
  • ETA 8/7/2021
  • ISBN: 9780655700142

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The skills and assessment book gives students the edge in applying key science skills and preparing for all forms of assessment.

In addition to key knowledge summaries, worksheets and practical activities, the new features to Skills and Assessment book include:

  • Addition of VCAA questions (Year 12) and exam-style questions (Year 11)
  • Inclusions of skills toolkit to be used by students as a reference throughout their studies
  • Addition of reflection worksheets for students to reflect on their learning and progress
  • Addition of case study analysis activities
  • Comprehensive teacher support including fully worked solutions for worksheets, practical activities, case studies, past VCAA and exam style questions and comprehensive support for Unit 1, 2 and 4 Area of Study 3 assessment.

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