Handwriting Rules! 4 NSW 2e

  • Katy Collis & Alexandra Kennedy
  • Paperback
  • Matilda Education
  • 01/09/2023
  • ISBN: 9780655092797

RRP: $17.05 (Inc. GST)



The bestsellingĀ Handwriting Rules!Ā series has now been updated for the new NSW K-4 English syllabus.

The Handwriting Rules! series is designed to support studentsā€™ development of legible, fluent handwriting in NSW Foundation Style, as directed by the NSW English Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum.

It combines a multi-sensory and a cognitive approach to embed handwriting in the motor memory, with carefully structured layout and humorous illustrations to engage studentsā€™ interest. It is the only series to fully integrate handwriting skills with other aspects of the English syllabus: spelling and vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, and aspects of literature (literary elements).

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