Decoding HSC Business Studies: 2 – Business Reports & Extended Reponses

  • Omar Jamal
  • Five Senses Publications
  • 2019
  • ISBN: 9781760322540

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This workbook is designed to enable students to better understand the HSC Business Studies course. The aim of this book is to divide the past HSC examination papers into different sections based on topics. Questions in this workbook are based on past NESA examinations from 2012 onwards to which suggested solutions have been prepared. The Decoding HSC Business Studies workbook enables student comprehension of the HSC Business Studies course in a simplified way. This book provides a step by step guide that students can use to answer HSC business reports and extended responses. In addition to providing suggested outlines of responses, this workbook employs systematic strategies to address HSC questions. Students can learn the skill of “decoding” the HSC Business Studies course and ace their upcoming HSC exam.

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