Cambridge Legal Studies: Stage 6 – Year 12 [Text + Interactive CambridgeGO]

  • Paul Milgate, Kate Dally, Daryl Le Cornu, Kevin Steed, Tim Kelly
  • Paperback+Digital Access
  • Cambridge University Press
  • 31/07/2024
  • ISBN: 9781009498036

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Available August 2024

Keeping NSW Stage 6 Legal Studies classrooms relevant with a new edition of the most trusted resource available

Cambridge Legal Studies Stage 6 Sixth Edition provides comprehensive coverage of the syllabus, including all seven options in the Year 12 course. The most widely covered HSC options are included in the student print text, while the extended digital version includes additional topics and chapters.

Updated and highly topical case studies, media articles, legislation and statistics reflecting recent changes in the law, ensure students are engaging with the most up-to-date material available and can apply their knowledge to real-world situations

  • A new subsection on the invasion of Ukraine in Year 12World Order.

1. The nature of crime
2. The criminal investigation process
3. The criminal trial process
4. Sentencing and punishment
5. Young offenders
6. International crime

7. The nature and development of human rights
8. Promoting and enforcing human rights
9. Contemporary human rights issues
Issue 1: Human trafficking and slavery
Issue 2: Child soldiers
Issue 3: Exploitation of workers

10. Option 1: Consumers
11.  Option 2: Global environmental protection
12. Option 3: Family
13. Option 4: Indigenous peoples (digital only)
14. Option 5: Shelter
15. Option 6: Workplace (digital only)
16. Option 7: World order

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