Cambridge Business Studies: Year 11 5/e [Text + Interactive CambridgeGO]

  • Hickey et al
  • Cambridge University Press
  • 10/9/2021
  • ISBN: 9781009031523

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Cambridge Business Studies Stage 6 Fifth Edition combines comprehensive curriculum coverage with a powerful digital learningĀ  experience that brings the study of Business to life.

Empowering Stage 6 students of all learning abilities with the knowledge, understanding, skills and values to become full and active participants as citizensĀ The fifth edition of Cambridge Business Studies Stage 6 engages students with:

  • New contemporary case studiesĀ and the most up-to-date statistics, legislation and business information available enable students to apply theory to real world examples that reflect current business practices. New ā€˜Business Bitesā€™ case studies include AfterPay, Elon Musk, HelloFresh, Thankyou (Year 11) Google, Israel Folau, Kogan and YouFoodz (Year 12).
  • A new integrated whole-book case studyĀ for HSC on the transformative Australian business, Cochlear.
  • Investigations into the disruptive impact of COVID-19, including the effects of the pandemic on marketing plans and global supply chains, sensitively woven throughout the series where relevant.
  • Opportunities to analyse and discuss the ethical issues and challengesĀ of a rapidly changing global business environment, and to explore the social responsibility of the business world.
  • Carefully chosen language, accessible to all students without compromising depth of content.

A focus on skills development and meeting the syllabus outcomes

The fifth edition offers an engaging delivery of the curriculum, addressing key competencies of the syllabus and enhancing student learning with double-pageĀ concept mapsĀ to introduce each unit, illustrating the various aspects of how topics interlink.

Engaging digital resources

Interactive digital resources bring Business Studies to life with content-specific videos, drag-and-drop activities, rich video material, rollover definitions and ongoing updates.
Other engaging digital resources include:

  • Additional explanatory videos in the Interactive Textbook.
  • QR code integration in the Print Textbook, allowing students to gain instant access to additional video sources which extend the textbook experience.
  • Auto-marked quizzes with immediate feedback to support independent learning.

The best exam preparation available

Superior HSC exam preparation support in the Print and Interactive Textbook includes comprehensive end-of-chapter material and revision tasks for every topic.
Digital features:

  • exam preparation questions at the end of each chapter
  • additional exam-style questions enabling

Stimulating design
Visual aids introduce and reinforce business conceptsĀ and a wide variety of theoretical and practical activities help students to develop key comprehension, analysis, research and discussion skills. Coloured tabs on each page direct students to the topic with ease.
Topic introductions, aligned with the syllabus, outline the focus and indicate the expected outcomes. A list of key terms to be covered in the chapter is also provided.
Topic-specific words are highlighted throughout the textĀ and defined in the margins to aid immediate comprehension.
Glossary definitionsĀ are also listed at the back

About the Authors

Marianne Hickey
Marianne Hickey, BA Dip Ed, obtained her degree from Macquarie University, majoring in Economics. She is a highly experienced teacher of Social Sciences in New South Wales schools. Currently teaching at Epping Boys High School, she has taught Business Studies since its
inception at Epping. Marianne has also taught senior Geography and Economics as well as junior Social Science subjects such asĀ  Commerce. Marianne has experience as a year coordinator and for many years took part in marking the HSC Economics papers.

Dorian Kipriotis
Dorian Kipriotis completed his Business Degree at UTS, majoring in Marketing. After several years working in the corporate sector heĀ  transitioned into secondary teaching where he has served as a HSC Business Studies Marker and Judge Marker. Dorian has been fortunate to guide numerous state-ranked students in HSC Business Studies and Economics. He has led many Trial HSC Business Studies PilotĀ  Marking committees and lectures students in preparation for their HSC exams. Dorian has held various senior leadership positions inĀ  NSW Catholic schools and is currently the Leader of Teaching at Bethany College in Hurstville.

Tony Nader
Tony Nader is a highly experienced teacher of Business Studies in New South Wales schools. He has been an HSC exam marker and hasĀ  written exam material and books for Commerce, Economics and Business Studies. Tony also lectures HSC Business Studies students in
preparation for their final exam. Tony has served as a Chief Examiner, Head Judge, Senior Marker and Assessor for the NESA HSCĀ  Economics examinations and has also served as Chief Examiner of the Catholic Schools Secondary Association Economics TrialĀ  Committee. Tony also writes a number of independent Business Studies exams. He is currently Head of Human Society and itsĀ  Environment (HSIE) at Marist Catholic College Penshurst.

Tim Williams
Tim Williams began a career as an accountant before moving into the hospitality industry. However, an unexpected shift into teachingĀ  proved immensely satisfying for Tim who then spent five years as a casual teacher in the NSW Department of Education honing his skills.Ā  Following this, he entered the private system and spent over 10 years at Redlands, culminating as head of Social Sciences before a move to Abbotsleigh, also as head of faculty. Tim is an experienced social sciences teacher in both Board of Studies and InternationalĀ  Baccalaureate courses. In 2015 Tim relocated to South Australia where he is currently the head of Accounting, Business Innovation and Economics as well as Head of Year 11 at Eynesbury Senior College.

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