Australian Signpost Maths NSW: 6 – Teacher Resource [For the NSW Aust Curriculum]

  • Digital Access
  • Pearson Australia
  • 01/01/2024
  • ISBN: 9780655709008

RRP: $79.95 (Inc. GST)


A trusted, longtime favourite with teachers, Australian Signpost Maths NSW has now been completely re-worked for the new NSW Maths Syllabus. It features resources to help you take maths learning into the digital age and meet the latest assessment requirements.

The spiralled teaching order takes advantage of the connections between maths concepts and promotes mastery by revisiting concepts previously addressed.

Simplify planning and teaching with this new online Teacher Resource. It provides a projectable student activity book and easy access to page-per-lesson guidance and answers, ideas for classroom activities and links to downloadable and digital resources. You can also check curriculum coverage and access teacher planning and recording documents.

Table of contents 

  • Student Activity Book eBook
  • Overview and planning resources
  • Teacher resource pages aligning with student activity book pages
  • Progress tests and retests
  • Photocopiable resources
  • Digital games
  • Interactive tools and activities
  • Student consolidation booklet

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