Australia in the Global Economy 12: 2024 – Text + Workbook + eBook [Australian Curriculum]

  • Tim Dixon & John O’Mahony
  • Paperback + Digital
  • Pearson Australia
  • 01/09/2023
  • ISBN: 9780655716013

RRP: $91.15 (Inc. GST)



Pearson Senior Economics Student Books and eBooks include:

  • comprehensive and up-to-date content that follows the syllabus
  • a rich selection of summative assessment
  • content written at an appropriate and accessible level
  • appropriate support and scaffolding of key concepts and knowledge.

Pearson Senior Economics Student Workbooks include:

  • a range of question types
  • extensive content designed for exam practice
  • independent research tasks to help learners understand core concepts more thoroughly
  • class activities to support the understanding of more difficult theory.


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