2020 HSC Exam Workbook: Business Studies

  • NESA
  • 2021
  • ISBN: 9781743012260

RRP: $40.00 (Inc. GST)


The 2020 HSC Business Studies Exam Workbook helps students practise for the HSC using authentic exam material collected by the NSW Education Standards Authority from the 2020 HSC.

This invaluable workbook includes:

  • 2020 HSC Business Studies exam questions
  • guidelines provided to exam markers to assess student papers
  • real examples of top-scoring student papers that include actual comments by the official marker
  • tips for creating a plan and setting timings during the exam.

How to use this workbook

  • Students, teachers and tutors can use this workbook to practise test-runs of the HSC and prepare for upcoming HSC exams.
  • The workbook helps students become familiar with the layout and style of past exam questions, and gain confidence around planning their time and making decisions about choosing which questions to answer. They can also practise writing responses to the questions in the set exam time.
  • By reviewing the marker’s guidelines, students will also have a chance to think about what is expected in their responses. They can compare their answers to real examples of papers by top-rating Business Studies students in 2020.

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