Empowering Students to Improve Their Writing.
An all-in-one tool for every stage of academic writing

Helping students improve the academic writing skills

Students are notorious for making the mistake of focusing on the final product, when they should be focussed on the writing process:

MyStudyWorks Process:


  • Encourages students to understand what is asked of them, before going any further.
  • Do more research and take NOTES.

  • Formulate and organise thoughts into a PLAN.​

  • WRITE in small manageable chunks, reference correctly and use expected terminology.

  • Work to MILESTONES rather than leaving things to the last minute.


All helping students be better prepared for the workplace.



Simplifying the process of providing formative feedback

Formative Feedback helps students to better understand the limits of their own knowledge and how they can improve.  It increases their motivation and helps them become self-directed learners.

MyStudyWorks knows that academics and student support staff are time poor, so we provide easy to use options for you to generate formative feedback:

  • Type,
  • Voice-to-Text,
  • Audio (with text), and
  • Video (with text)

and you can see whether the students have viewed it.


To MyStudyWorks your experience and satisfaction is as important as the students. We hope this makes your life a little easier and more rewarding.


Early identification of struggling students (at risk)

MyStudyWorks provides an array of Dashboards and Analytics to help you identify when students doing assignments are falling behind your expectations.


Real-time Progress Dashboards enable academics and student support teams to see how the students are doing with one (1) click. Through the Dashboard they can view the students work and provide them feedback. 

If you want, you can use the Milestones Dashboards to help you see if students are falling behind the level of progress you expect. You control the Milestones and can turn them on/off anytime, during or even after the assignment.

Our Single View of the Student Dashboard enables you to see how the student is progressing and their performance with their Milestones, across their portfolio of work underway and completed. It helps you identify trends of behaviour that lead to success or risk.

Your view will be subject to your permissions (privacy protocols invoked).

Academics and Student Support can know if students have accessed their Formative Feedback. This helps you identify the ‘At Risk Students’ who may need further follow-up.


Supporting institution programs and initiatives

*Times Higher Education. (2018, September 20). THE World University Rankings explained. The Student (Part of Times Higher Education). 


Student Retention = Financial stability and the ability to be more dynamic

Students and Staff Satisfaction is an ongoing challenge. By lifting your Students’ capability and confidence, their stress levels will be reduced and they more likely will achieve greater success. 

This will naturally have a positive flow-on effect to your Academics and Support teams.

MyStudyWorks helps improve the Quality of Graduates, encouraging students to undertake Post-Graduate study and supporting them through the process.

We strengthen the skills Candidates require and make life easier for their Supervisors to work with them.

Global Rankings are a key factor in attracting funding and students.

Times High Education (2018)* states…

“Each university is judged in five categories covering the core missions of all world-class, global universities: Teaching, Research, Citations (research influence), Industry Income and International Outlook”

By helping students enjoy their studies, achieve better outcomes and continue on to Post-Graduate studies, MyStudyWorks works with Universities to help them achieve this goal.


Combating the use of essay mills

MyStudyWorks originated to help desperate students, those stressed because failing was not an option.

We believe Students that are more capable and confident become more resilient.

These students will be less likely to use Essay Mills.

By helping students improve their writing skills, MyStudyWorks in conjunction with your other initiatives, will help reduce the likelihood of essay Mills being used.





Who can benefit with MyStudyWorks


MyStudyWorks provides students with a great tool to enhance their writing skills.

Students have academic and course dashboards, so that they can see upcoming and completed assignments. 

Helps address “writers block”, by having students focus on individual sections/topics, rather than the whole.

A wizard will help students create a scaffold, providing structure, so they organise their thoughts and communicate more effectively. An algorithm is used to suggest word-count allocation for each Topic or Section.

Students often struggle with this aspect of writing papers. To remove any confusion or difficulty, MyStudyWorks uses a 3-step wizard to simplify referencing, which automatically generates the In Text Citation and Reference List / Bibliography.

All writers may need to recover work they have previously deleted or changed. The larger the document, the harder and more frustrating it can be to find the lost material. Versions is an easy to use recovery/restore function. Students can review individual sections/topics tracing back to their first version. Even deleted sections/topics are recoverable, so nothing is ever lost.



“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” is a quote accredited to the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu (founder of Taoism).

When we think about teaching, it seems so relevant.  We know you are time poor, so MyStudyWorks is designed to make your life easier.

It includes:

Real-time Dashboards

  • enabling you to see Students’ progress and if you want, against Milestones (you control).

Full Visibility of the Students Works

  • MyStudyWorks enables you to see all the students work, seeing it exactly the same as they see it.


Formative Feedback

  • MyStudyWorks makes it extremely easy for you to provide feedback when it counts, during not after the assignment. 
  • We give you the choice to use the medium you want – type, voice-to-text or Audio (with text).

Track the use of the Key Terminology, Authors and Readings

  • This is an optional feature. If you want to use it, you can set it whenever you want (before, during or after the assignment).
  • Helps you see if the student is using the Terminology (etc.) that you expect.
  • Students are also encouraged to establish and use their own Terminology.  



MyStudyWorks has an analytics engine, which provides you access to relevant data to support your programs and help you get a full picture of the students’ progress.

It can be integrated to your Learning Management System to help automate the loading process.  To help with your digital ecosystem, we are open to integrating with your other systems and providers.

The visibility and support tools we provide your teams help you optimize your Student Retention.

MyStudyWorks is also a system that can help you attract more enrolments.


Student Support

Such an important role to support student retention, Student Support deserves their own specific set of tools, to make their role that little bit easier and more enjoyable.

Manager and Student Support Administrators have control to add and manage students and their assignments within MyStudyWorks. You also have Dashboard views of the whole student cohort working with Student Support and the ability to view/manage individual Groups.

Skill Advisors / Mentors have specialized Dashboards that enable you to have a single view of your Case Load. You have this in addition to the same views and Feedback capabilities mentioned in the Academics section above.  



MyStudyWorks is currently offering a free trial until the end of Term 1, 2024 of this incredible platform.


To register your interest to trial this program, please complete the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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