Julie Barton – Customer Service Representative

For more than 12 years, Julie has been the first point of contact for schools and teachers when they reach out to Endeavour Education.

Whether it’s answering questions about books and availability, sourcing information, directing calls, solving problems or providing quotes and invoices, Julie is our go-to person.

“This is such a great place to work and I have an interesting role. I really enjoy helping people and I genuinely love the people I work with. They are very considerate of family.”

And in keeping with Endeavour Education’s family values, Julie’s son also works in the warehouse during his holidays over the busy summer season!

Because of Julie’s long-term experience at Endeavour Education, she has been able to build lasting relationships with both her school clients and also their publishing partners.

“They all know that they can just call me, and I can help them. I think it keeps them coming back. I feel good about working in an industry that helps: Schools need these resources and I enjoy knowing that I’m helping schools and students.”

When she’s not busy helping everyone, Julie enjoys eating out, going on holidays and indulging in that wonderful pastime – relaxing on the weekend!

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“Endeavour Education is one of our major Channel Partners supporting the promotion of our products and services to schools via their field sales representatives and retail/online store. As a preferred distributor, the continuous supply of our products and services to schools is very important to us, along with their after-sales service and dedicated customer support team being a vital link in providing quality service to schools, students and teachers.”

Paul Smith - Pearson

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