Bob Stephenson – Director

With a strong work ethic and a commitment to building long-term relationships, Bob oversees an expert team who have helped thousands of families with their school booklists, advised schools and teachers on textbook availability and content, and provided a comprehensive supply of digital education resources.

Bob says that the most important secret to Endeavour’s success has been the loyal team of family and colleagues he has gathered around him.

“Some of our staff have been working with us for 25 to 30 years. We’re not just colleagues – we’re all friends.

“My daughter, Carolyn, still comes in to help during the busy times, my son, Jon, has returned to the fold as Endeavour Education’s Manager and my two eldest grandchildren are now helping in the warehouse during their school holidays.”

Bob, who spent years working as an engineer prior to joining Endeavour Education, also brings his strong work ethic and Christian values to the role.

“I value honesty – particularly when I’m dealing with people. Having a staunch Christian background, I’m loath to see people disadvantaged by something that I’ve done. I always try to be even-handed with people – whether it’s on a personal level or in business.”

Bob has used this same approach to build long-term relationships with Endeavour Education’s publishing partners. He says that because of these strong relationships, he can help schools and students get the best resources available for their budget.

So, what does Bob do in his spare time? He loves to read books of course!

He also finds time each week to play golf, and he enjoys the occasional overseas holiday with his wife of 50 years, Margaret.

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“Endeavour Education is one of our major Channel Partners supporting the promotion of our products and services to schools via their field sales representatives and retail/online store. As a preferred distributor, the continuous supply of our products and services to schools is very important to us, along with their after-sales service and dedicated customer support team being a vital link in providing quality service to schools, students and teachers.”

Paul Smith - Pearson

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