Why Endeavour Education is the expert distributor of print education resources

As a family business, it is important to us that we work alongside schools that share our values. We are dedicated to providing students and staff with the best educational resources to maximise every student’s chance of success.

After all, high school is a pivotal time for thousands of students. And the resources that a school provides their students play a vital role in fostering support, guidance and the ingredients to success.

For every school we work with, we look to the long term and work hard to ensure that the relationship grows from strength to strength.

Building trust in our relationships

As our primary point of contact within the school, Kathie is one of those clients… and it is a relationship that has been in place since 2004.

We have been working with Endeavour Education for over fifteen years. Our school has always valued Endeavour’s services and we are happy to be carrying on the relationship after so many years,” says Kathie.

The Endeavour Education staff are always more than helpful, very friendly and a strong professional relationship has developed over the years.”

Supplying textbooks and resources

Supplying textbooks and resources

Kathie relies heavily on Endeavour for the supply of prescribed textbooks for Years 7 to 12. As curriculums change or students pick up new subjects, Kathie depends on Endeavour’s expertise and delivery to cater to thousands of students, ensuring a seamless process for both teachers and students.

When new books are produced or published, Lilian comes down to us on a regular basis, and she brings all the resources to our school so we can have a look at them and decide whether we want to purchase them or not, rather than trying to find new resources ourselves. It’s such a wonderful service to have.”

Supplying textbooks and resources

Whether it’s past exam papers, HSC subject guides or topic summaries, our extensive range of educational print resources is designed to consolidate and maximise every student’s chance of success at school.

We offer services such as the covering of books, delivering new resources from various publishers on an ‘approval basis’ and providing Preliminary and HSC students with the opportunity to purchase prescribed texts at school, which schools find invaluable.

Going the extra mile

Going the extra mile

Relationships are really important to us. We want to understand the unique requirements of every school and tailor our speciality services to suit. It’s all about going above and beyond to make a difference to the school.

For Kathie, we help protect and extend the life of students’ textbooks through a variety of book covering and book binding services, including reinforcing and sewing.

Endeavour Education offers wonderful services such as covering the textbooks that they supply us. It saves us a lot of time and energy. They’re all done very professionally and they always look beautiful when they come back to us.”

Striving for quality no matter the request

Striving for quality no matter the request

Because we are book specialists, we also understand the value of a well-stocked school library.

One aspect of Endeavour’s service that is greatly appreciated by Kathie’s team is the organisation of our publisher display events, which provide opportunities for staff to view and purchase new texts.

We acquire the majority of our textbooks, non-fiction titles and HSC study guides through Endeavour and find they are especially valuable in resourcing the bulk-buying of textbooks.

Striving for quality no matter the request

I have worked with Endeavour across two schools and I can’t fault them. We work very closely with Lilian who is highly professional at all times. Nothing is ever too much for her or the staff at Endeavour.

They will always do all they can to meet our needs and if they are unable to, they are always able to point us in the right direction regarding alternate suppliers or solutions,” says Greg, the teacher-librarian at Kathie’s school.

Our expert team can supply your orders

Order size is never an issue at Endeavour Education. We can fill all orders from the largest bulk order to the smallest tailored order of just one book.

Whether it’s supplying numerous textbook sets across year groups, or sourcing specialist titles and resources to help a student with additional needs, our team can get it done.

We can also source and supply custom orders. For example, we can create a back-to-school exercise book and stationery set to your specifications, or a high quality art supplies kit created for specific year groups.

Our expert team has the resources and long-term relationships with our publishing partners to help supply every school with exactly what their students and staff require.

Promoting a relationship built on excellence

Promoting a relationship built on excellence

Kathie has confidence in Endeavour Education because excellence is demonstrated in our smallest gestures, all the way through to our quality service and delivery.

They know what the requirements are for so many different schools and they have good relationships with publishers. So, whatever books or resources are required, they always seem to know how to resource them for us.

It saves us time from going to the publishers directly; we can do the whole process through one company, which is Endeavour. It saves us from awaiting approvals from publishers. The coordinators and the librarians just absolutely love working with Endeavour.

From my point of view, the covering of books saves so much time. But it’s also the quality of their service. Lilian is always so contactable, and they’re always prepared to sort out issues with us. It’s just such a wonderful relationship. They really know their stuff.”

On behalf of Bob, Jon and the extended Endeavour Education team, we’d like to thank Kathie, Greg and their extended team for their ongoing support.

Are you looking for expert distributors of education resources?

Are you looking for expert distributors of education resources?

We can create school booklists, fill bulk textbook orders and also source and deliver small, tailored orders.

We’re always available online and on the phone to answer any questions you may have and to discuss your education resource options.

We do all the hard work, so you don’t have to.

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Are you looking for expert distributors of education resources?