Hassle-free school booklists

Back-to-school is busy enough already without the added task of an overwhelming booklist process. And at Endeavour Education we believe there can be a better way.

Booklists should be streamlined to give you – and your staff – the peace of mind to know that it’s all taken care of. That you can get on with the important job of teaching your students, knowing that they have the learning resources they need.

With almost 40 years’ experience in helping schools with their booklist requirements… we are the experts you can trust.

Everything you need in one place

Everything you need in one place

Sam Price is our Booklist Coordinator at Endeavour Education. She has spent the better part of the last two decades consulting with hundreds of schools… and she is well-versed in the frustrations they face when preparing a booklist.

“The thing I hear again and again from teaching staff when it comes to booklists is the amount of time spent – and often wasted – to manage suppliers, orders, payments, questions from parents and tracking down a particular obscure learning resource.

It’s quite understandable. They have a lot on their plate. And at the end of the day all the teachers want is to make sure the students have the right learning resources ready to go from day one of the school year or term.”

There’s booklists… and then there’s a one stop shop that offers everything you need in one place. And that’s what we offer. We have an extensive supplier range to source the resources you need, including:

  • School texts – either print or digital versions – or a bundle of both
  • Learning resources such as study guides, atlases and dictionaries
  • Stationery items
  • Customised resources such as quality art materials

And if you need a specific learning resource that isn’t through our usual suppliers – we go the extra mile to track it down for you. We take pride in offering a booklist service that is above and beyond the rest.

The entire booklist process... sorted

The entire booklist process... sorted

There is a lot of work that goes into creating and fulfilling the perfect booklist. And over almost 40 years we’ve nailed a process that takes the pressure off teaching staff… because we manage every step along the way. As Sam explains,

“When we are in the early stages of compiling the booklists for a school, one of our sales representatives will work directly with the school to understand their needs and then find the right resources to meet those needs. Often, we will even tailor the booklists for the learning needs of individual students. It’s a highly personalised service.

The entire booklist process... sorted

We add a lot of value in this early stage by doing a lot of the leg work for the schools to find the right resources… but we also take care of the rest. We upload the booklists to our website so parents can easily order directly from us. We handle orders, payments, delivery and parent questions. For schools, that means less time spent on managing a booklist and more time in the classroom helping the students.”

Supporting online learning

Supporting online learning

The rapid rise of digital technology in the classroom over the last decade has never been more evident. Schools are increasingly using digital technology to engage students.

And at Endeavour, we have been at the forefront of enabling simple and streamlined access to digital resources.

With Endeavour Education’s single student logon platform – eNavigator – students can access digital resources at the touch of a button. Anytime, anywhere.

As Sam explains: “That’s the real beauty of using Endeavour Education for booklist services. Your students will have everything they need online. There’s really no excuses now that they can log onto a computer from home or outside of school.”

You can create a single booklist for your students, knowing their digital resource needs will be delivered via an innovative and easy to use platform.

What makes us so confident we can help your school with its booklist services?

With almost 40 years’ experience in the industry, we know how to help schools find the best possible education resources available. And most importantly, our great partnerships with the major publishers enables us to deliver value for money… and to deliver on time.

We are a one-stop-shop with a comprehensive booklist service that meets all your requirements. Contact us today to discuss your booklist requirements with one of our expert team.