VCE Surfing Biology Unit 2

  • Kerri Humphreys
  • Science Press
  • 2016
  • ISBN: 9780855837587

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This book covers the Biology content specified in the Victorian Certificate of Education Biology Study Design. Sample data has been included for suggested experiments to give you practice to  reinforce practical work in class.
Each book in the Surfing series contains a summary, with occasional more detailed sections, of all the mandatory parts of the syllabus, along with questions and answers.
All types of questions – multiple choice, short response, structured response and free response – are provided.
Questions are written in exam style so that you will become familiar with the concepts of the topic and answering questions in the required way.
Answers to all questions are included.
A topic test at the end of the book contains an extensive set of summary questions. These cover every aspect of the topic, and are useful for revision and exam practice.

Table of Contents

Words to Watch
Area of Study 1 How Does Reproduction Maintain Continuity of Life?
1 Assumed Knowledge
2 The Cell Cycle
3 Binary Fission
4 Rates of Binary Fission
5 Mitosis and Cytokinesis
6 Experiment – Investigating Mitosis
7 Sites of Mitosis
8 Asexual Reproduction in Animals
9 Asexual Reproduction in Australian Plants
10 Spore Formation
11 Cloning
12 Gene Cloning
13 Sexual Reproduction
14 Meiosis
15 Processes in Meiosis
16 Experiment – Investigating Meiosis
17 Comparing Meiosis and Mitosis
18 Fertilisation
19 Play – Cell Productions
20 Stem Cells
21 Stem Cell Research
22 Cell Replacement Therapy and Tissue Engineering
23 Germ Layers and Developmental Biology
24 Mutagens
Area of Study 2 How Is Inheritance Explained?
25 Genome, Gene and Allele
26 Discovering DNA
27 Genome, DNA and Bioinformatics
28 DNA in Organelles
29 The Human Genome Project
30 Other Genome Projects
31 Diagnostic Genetic Testing
32 Comparative Genomics
33 Comparing Amino Acid Sequences
34 Sutton and Boveri
35 Chromosomes
36 Karyotyping
37 Sex Chromosomes
38 Polyploidy
39 Case Study – Down Syndrome
40 Gregor Mendel and His Experiments
41 Writing Genotypes
42 Probability Models
43 Variation in Genotype
44 Phenotype
45 Experiment – Phenotype and Environment
46 Mutation Affects Phenotype
47 Hybridisation in Agriculture
48 Transgenic Species – Plasmids Change Genotype
49 Polygenic Inheritance
50 Population Genetics
51 Pedigrees
52 Incomplete Dominance
53 Multiple alleles
54 Morgan and Sex-Linkage
55 Human Blood Groups and Rhesus Factor
56 Dihybrid Crosses
57 Inheritance Patterns for Autosomal Human Genetic Diseases
58 Linkage and Chromosome Mapping
59 Activity – Modelling Linkage
60 DNA Sequencing, Genetic Mutations and Genetic Testing
61 Recombinant DNA Technology
62 Gel Electrophoresis
63 DNA Fingerprinting
64 Biotechnology and Bacteria
65 Biotechnology and Reproduction Technologies
66 Gene Therapy
67 Gene Cascades and Limb Development
68 Implications of Genetic Testing
Topic Test

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