Time for my Preschool Writing

  • Erin Hunter
  • Hunter Education
  • 2016
  • ISBN: 9781922242341

RRP: $16.95 (Inc. GST)


The Time for my Preschool Writing covers the foundations needed by young children in the area of writing.

  • A series developed for preschool educators and parents.
  • Encourages student to practise basic movements, fluencies and letter shapes
  • Uses the strategy of track, trace, copy for all lower case and capital letters
  • Colouring of pictures helps fine motor skills
  • Progress monitoring contained in each book.

This series of preschool books covers the foundations needed by young children in the areas of reading, writing, numbers, shapes and measurements. Each of the language books introduces letters and words preschool children need to know before beginning formal learning at primary school.

The numbers, shapes and measurement books also introduce the skill of writing numbers, and counting. They also need to recognise geometric shapes as well as elementary comparative measurements and concepts of position.

Each book in the series has a skills checklist at the back to help monitor progress in the development of concepts.

The series is an ideal tool to help develop foundations in key learning areas for preschool children. The books are designed for preschool educators and for parents who want to help with learning at home.

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