This Was Urgent Yesterday [Play]

  • Emma Richardson et al
  • Currency Press
  • 22/4/2020
  • ISBN: 9781760623357

RRP: $26.99 (Inc. GST)


This Was Urgent Yesterday is a collection of single-actor scripts written by and for young people from regional Australia.
It’s Not A Bad Word by Emma Richardson
This Is Yours by Lily Hensby
Abyss by Isidora Pandilovska
Crossroads and Dusty Boots by Jordan Clayden-Lewis
Like Butter by Wallea Eaglehawk
I Wore Heels, So She Wore Heels by Lisa Semmler
Australian Strays by Rebecca Duke
All But You Who Looked At Me And Smiled by Charlotte Smith
On Burning Day by Michal I. Hughes
I Need Gourmet by Danielle Aquilina
The Appointment by Rosemary Cann
I Found You by Cate Robbins
Swallows by Betty Sweetlove
Where Does It Hurt? by Alex Travers


Cast Info: 11F , 3M

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