The Oscar Wilde Trilogy: The Devoted Friend * The Happy Prince * The Selfish Giant

  • Oscar Wilde and Phil Clarke
  • Oberon
  • 1/12/2008
  • ISBN: 9781840028164

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This book contains three of Wilde’s short stories adapted into enchanting plays for young children. The Selfish Giant chases away spring and summer, leaving the garden in a permanent winter. Only when the giant realises his selfishness and opens his garden to the local children does the summer return bringing with it warmth, brightness and joy. The people of the town celebrate the unveiling of their new statue of The Happy Prince. But all is not as it seems with this new golden statue. In his desire to help the poor and suffering in the town, the Prince persuades a migrating swallow to assist him, and a timeless tale of love and kindness is born. What makes a good friend? Little Hans’ best friend is Hugh the Miller but while Hans is happy to share all the lovely flowers and fruit from his garden, Hugh isn’t quite so generous with his own things. Join three lively characters in The Devoted Friend” as they explore the ups and downs of friendship in this new play for the very young.”

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