The Hidden Forest

  • Jeannie Baker
  • Walker Books
  • 1/3/2005
  • ISBN: 9780744578768

RRP: $17.99 (Inc. GST)


A stunning exploration of a beautiful but endangered world, by the creator of the award-winning “Where the Forest Meets the Sea” and “Window”. Looking for his lost fish trap, Ben thinks he sees something dark moving under the water. Is it a creature or only his imagination? Diving into the sea with his friend Sophie, he is amazed to discover a wonderful hidden world – and the rich variety of creatures that live there. A picture book that is essential in every school and home — a simple way to study the effects of how we live on the world around us. Each of the pages is lovingly created and clearly shows Jeannie s respect for our surroundings — a novel and unusual way to see under water. “When you see kelp forest under the water and you re looking up, the sun is like the light of the sky: it penetrates the water s surface and shoots rays down as in a rainforest. The forest is very magical and mysterious, and fish appear at times, like birds flying through the trees.” Jeannie Baker

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