Technology for Years 7 & 8 – A Students Workbook

  • John Rochford
  • KJS Publications
  • 11/7/2019
  • ISBN: 9780957963092

RRP: $33.00 (Inc. GST)


A resource book for the Syllabus: Stage 4 National Curriculum Technology (Mandatory) 2019. The main aim of this Workbook is to provide teachers with the 2019 National Curriculum prescribed Mandatory Technology syllabus content (with student activities) so that teachers can have time to develop context area design projects that are appropriate, informative, interesting and fun for students. The philosophy behind this book is similar to that used in other countries that have world leading educational systems such as Finland where the concept for teachers is less = more – the less ‘administrivia’ for teachers, the more time they have to assist students and develop effective lessons and projects. Airlines use the same philosophy – put the oxygen mask on yourself first so that you can assist others during the emergency!

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