Targeting General Capabilities – Personal & Social Capability and Intercultural Understanding Years 3-4

  • Stella Tarakson
  • Pascal Press
  • 2021
  • ISBN: 9781925726220

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The General Capabilities are one dimension of the Australian Curriculum and are taught through the content of the Learning Areas. They involve knowledge, skills, behaviour and dispositions.

There are seven General Capabilities, and the first series in Targeting General Capabilities examines two of them:

Personal and Social Capability—encourages children to be aware of their emotions and learn how to manage their feelings, behaviours and interactions with others. The elements explored and assessed are:

  • Self-awareness
  • Self-management
  • Social awareness
  • Social management

Intercultural Understanding —encourages children to be aware of the importance of becoming responsible global citizens by enhancing cultural knowledge. The elements explored and assessed are:

  • Recognising culture and developing respect
  • Interacting and empathising with others
  • Reflecting on intercultural experiences and taking responsibility

Each unit begins with a stimulus, followed by assessable activities that examine the element through the different Learning Areas with links to the Australian Curriculum. The assessments are tailored to the sub-elements, rather than through the lens of specific Learning Areas, thereby consolidating their understanding of the concepts and providing guidance for further reflection. Answers for all activities are in the back of the book.

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