Targeting English: Upper Primary Book 1 – Teaching Guide

  • Gloria Harris
  • Pascal Press
  • 20/3/2009
  • ISBN: 9781921247774

RRP: $49.95 (Inc. GST)


The Targeting English Teaching Guide is a suite of resources for less on planning, teaching and assessment. Feature of the Teaching Gui des: outcomes and State syllabus links 12 teaching units with extra photocopiable work sheets for every unit writ ing and text type scaffolds assessments for every unit answers to assessments and grammar units Extensive teachi ng notes assist teachers to maximise their students’ experience of Targe ting English. Each unit includes teaching notes and extension act ivities. Units also have: extra student activity she ets that can be used to further explore a topic they are also e xcellent for gifted and talented students activity cards can be used for fast-finishers, extension or just for fun an assessme nt page forevery unit The Targeting English Teaching Guide includes a CD-ROM containing media files (audio recordings, animations, video clips and still images) and Adobe Acrobat PDF files of all the wo rk sheets.

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