Spelling Rules! K-2 NSW Teacher Book + digital download

  • Tanya Gibb & Janelle Ho
  • Paperback+Digital
  • Matilda Education
  • 01/01/2023
  • ISBN: 9780655092643

RRP: $109.50 (Inc. GST)


The bestselling Spelling Rules! series is now available for NSW! 

Spelling Rules! NSW will help to make spelling stick. The series provides strategies to move spelling from the working memory to the long-term memory. 

Underpinned by the ‚ÄėSLLURP‚Äô approach and with fun and varied activities and engaging illustrations, students practise their spelling words in different ways: using their eyes to look at shapes and patterns of words, their mouths to feel the words as they say them, their ears to listen to the similarities and differences in sounds, their hands to write the words, and their brains to understand the rules and structures of words.

Activities focus on rules to help structure learning and to provide a basis for learning unknown words and integrate other aspects of English such as vocabulary and grammar.

The Teacher Resource Books are packed with valuable background information about spelling development and spelling knowledge. These flexible resources enable differentiation with teaching ideas for every unit, guidelines for assessing spelling and diagnosing spelling errors, activities to support struggling spellers, extension for more able spellers and extra word lists.

The Teacher Resource Book also includes a free digital download:

  • printable reproducibles
  • extra word lists, answers to activities and a glossary
  • list of spelling rules and tips, along with bonus wall charts.

Key features:

  • Completely updated for the new NSW K-2 English syllabus.
  • Spelling Rules! NSW Grades 3-6 available in 2023.

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