Reading Conventions 1 9780987127143

  • Lauren O’Brien
  • Teachers 4 Teachers
  • 2012
  • ISBN: 9780987127143

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Developing Inferential Reading Skills and Australian Curriculum Focuses

Reading Conventions is an engaging series designed to assist teachers with improving students’ reading and comprehension skills. It has a specific focus on inferencing. The aim of Reading Conventions is to systematically provide all students with interesting and achievable activities, based on fulfilling national comprehension and reading requirements. Every unit has a central focus built around persuasive, imaginative or informative texts. These focuses add another dimension to the series by specifically targeting Australian Curriculum content.

Metacognitive strategies, curriculum focuses and features:

  • Predicting – making predictions about texts/text endings
  • Visualising – creating mental images
  • Summarising – reviewing meaning
  • Making connections – students’ own experiences/prior knowledge
  • Questioning – literal, inferential, interpretive and critical
  • Making connections between print and images
  • Monitoring – commenting on things learned
  • Monitoring – re-reading and reading on to make decisions about unknown words
  • Finding the main idea and supporting details
  • Story elements – characters, setting and plot
  • Identifying the author’s purpose/point of view
  • NAPLAN skills
  • Analytical images
  • Multimodal texts
  • Pull-out answer section
  • Types of texts
    • imaginative
    • persuasive
    • informative

Why teach comprehension?

Reading is fun, it’s relaxing, and it is the building block of education. Comprehension is the essential goal of each and every reading task. Reading and comprehending exercises lay the foundation of comprehension skills that are essential for a lifetime of learning and pleasure. The more students practise, the more confident and capable they become.

Australian Curriculum

Reading Conventions focuses on addressing the content descriptions and elaborations as specified in the Australian Curriculum. The inside front cover of each book features the descriptions and elaborations that are developed throughout the book, as each unit works towards the achievement of Australian Curriculum standards.

About the Author

Lauren O’Brien is a qualified primary teacher and the author of this series. She is also the respected major author of the Reading Box Yellow and the best-selling Grammar Conventions series of books.

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