Reading Box Green

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  • ISBN: 9780977575411

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Reading Box Green has been designed to help senior primary students and lower secondary students strengthen their comprehension skills. Older readers are faced with more complex reading decisions, with the difference between text types becoming more subtle. The challenges presented by Reading Box Green help students to develop and strengthen their skills for negotiating and comprehending these textual forms, as well as provide strong examples for them to follow when expressing their own ideas in clearly defined formats. High-interest subject matter and beautiful illustrations complete each card, maintaining the impressive standards set by Reading Box Yellow, Blue and Red.

Reading Box Green introduces a couple of exciting innovations to the original Reading Box format. The main cards are now presented as four-page booklets, allowing for longer texts and additional graphics. The kit also includes a supplementary set of Rapid Reader cards. These cards have been designed to increase the speed at which students read and comprehend.

Reading Box Red:

  • covers reading levels 22 to 36
  • is suitable for reading ages 8 to 15.5
  • is suitable for students in Years 5 to 8
  • presents material in a 4-page booklet form
  • has 144 full-colour laminated cards spread over 12 levels
  • includes a supplementary set of Rapid Reader cards–a series of graded, short-passage exercises that can be utilised in a variety of ways
  • is full of high-interest, age-appropriate texts that appeal to both males and females
  • has a range of persuasive, informative and imaginative texts including:
  • narratives
  • recounts
  • explanations
  • expositions
  • information reports
  • procedures
  • discussions
  • descriptions
  • reviews

How the Reading Box Green Works

  • A 9-minute levelling test is administered before students begin to work with the box. Alternatively, teachers can use their own testing scores and judgement. Copies of the test are provided within the Teacher’s Folder. The test is also able to be photocopied from the blackline master available within the Teacher’s Manual.
  • The test is marked by the teacher and compared to the levelling table found in the Teacher’s Manual. The levelling table provides a recommended beginning card level (sky, mist etc) for each student.
  • Students choose one of the informative, persuasive or imaginative texts from their designated colour level.
  • Once the student has finished reading the card at their own pace, they undertake a set of comprehension questions that utilise both literal and inferential strategies. The questions are also graded to match the appropriate reading level.
  • Students record their answers on a photocopied answer sheet or write the answers in the back of their exercise book.
  • Once a card is completed, children mark their own work using the corresponding answer card found at the back of the box.
  • Then, students colour the corresponding card level and number on the Progress Chart. This is done so both the teacher and the student knows what work has been completed.

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