Quoi de Neuf? 3 + 4 [Teacher eBook + Audio Download]

  • Judy Comley, Prue Clarke, Annabel Gassmann, Beatrice Vanderstichele, Nathalie Marchand
  • Pearson
  • 2/12/2019
  • ISBN: 9780655790112

RRP: $249.42 (Inc. GST)


Teacher eBook: Educators can access the same eBook as their students, plus a whole lot more, using Reader+. Teachers can make the most of a wealth of extra materials, including editable chapter tests and associated audio, answers to all tests and worksheets, audio scripts, all Activity Book pages with answers ready for projection, editable rubrics, weblinks and curriculum grids. Audio downloads are also available for ease of access on a dedicated webpage. Teacher Guide: The Teacher Guide supports teachers at all levels of experience in lesson preparation and implementation. The Teacher Guide has clearly mapped all resources in this series so that they’re visible and aligned to the Student Book. The guide also has clear learning goals, updated teaching notes plus answers to the Student Book and audio scripts.

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