Project X Alien Adventures Gold Mixed Pack of 6

  • Karen Ball
  • Paperback
  • Oxford University Press UK
  • 05/09/2013
  • ISBN: 9780198493297

RRP: $81.95 (Inc. GST)


After a crash-landing on Planet Celeston, Max, Cat and Nok set off to find the next fragment of Exis. What will they find instead? Find out in The Crystal Planet.

In The Ruby Cage, Max, Cat and Nok are chased by a scary Minatroll … but will it get them?

Max and Cat find a pyrite panther stuck in a crevice. Will they be able to free it and will it lead them to Nok? Find out in The Hunt for Nok.

In Race to the Pyramid, Ant, Tiger and Seven track their friends to the Crystal Pyramid, but they find the Krools have got there before them.

Will the micro-friends be able to find their way through the deadly pyramid maze and escape the Krool commander? Find out in One Step Ahead.

Nok is trapped in the Chamber of Treasures. The micro-friends have to save him, find the fragment and escape … is there enough time?

Each book comes with notes on the inside front and back covers for teachers, TAs and parents/carers, which give question prompts and points for discussion, challenge words, and additional activities that children can do.

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