Practise Your Spelling Skills 5

  • John Rose
  • Pearson
  • 27/7/2006
  • ISBN: 9780733978210

RRP: $18.11 (Inc. GST)


Practise Your Spelling Skills provides a sequential and comprehensive coverage of spelling requirements for primary school students. Each book is made up of 36 to 40 units of work with each unit focused on a spelling list. The spelling lists are chiefly based around common letter patterns but theme-based lists, frequently-used words and Revision units are also included. A wide variety of engaging activities and word puzzles allow the children to explore and practise the list words in each unit. Focus of Book 5 contains Word lists based on common letter patterns, ‘Something to remember’ sections covering basic spelling and grammar rules, ‘Something to remember’ sections covering basic spelling and grammar rules homonyms, antonyms and synonyms, verb tenses, possessive apostrophes, compound words, Commonly misspelt words, Thematic word lists: early Australian history, the Great Barrier Reef

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