Practise Your Spelling Skills 3

  • John Rose
  • Pearson
  • 27/7/2006
  • ISBN: 9780733978197

RRP: $18.11 (Inc. GST)


Practise Your Spelling Skills provides a sequential and comprehensive coverage of spelling requirements for primary school students. Each book is made up of 36 to 40 units of work with each unit focused on a spelling list. The spelling lists are chiefly based around common letter patterns but theme-based lists, frequently-used words and Revision units are also included. A wide variety of engaging activities and word puzzles allow the children to explore and practise the list words in each unit. Focus of Book 3 contains Word lists based on common letter patterns, ‘Something to remember’ sections covering basic spelling and grammar rules, plurals, homophones, compound words, contractions, antonyms, Commonly misspelt words, Thematic word lists: Anzac Day, months of the year.

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