Pearson Mathology F-2 Teaching Companion: Number, Patterns and Algebra

  • Pearson Mathology
  • Pearson
  • 1/12/2020
  • ISBN: 9780655703198

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This Teaching Companion is designed to be used alongside the Pearson Mathology TEACH digital tool.

It provides Australian Curriculum guidance, pedagogical and implementation advice, and formative assessment rubrics for each Pearson Mathology activity. The Pearson Mathology activities are easy-to-implement, engaging, hands-on lesson activities and games to help teachers save time, create meaningful learning experiences, and promote understanding of the big ideas in maths.

This Companion presents these activities by maths strand and topic, and provides unique class Warm-up and Exit Ticket activity options for each topic.


Preview a sampler from Pearson Pearson Mathology F-2 Teaching Companion: Number, Patterns and Algebra

Table of Contents

Curriculum Correlation
Australian and West Australian Curriculum
Victorian Curriculum
NSW Curriculum
Number Strand
Spatial Reasoning
Comparing and Ordering
Composing and Decomposing
Early Place Value
Operational Fluency
Financial Literacy
Number Relationships
Grouping and Place Value
Early Fractional Thinking
Number Relationships 2
Conceptualizing Addition and Subtraction
Early Multiplicative Thinking
Repeating Patterns
Creating Patterns
Increasing/Decreasing Patterns
Equality and Inequality

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