Parliamo Italiano Insieme: 2 [Student Book + NelsonNet]

  • Gianna Pagni, Cesare Popoli, Michela Pellizon & Margherita Ghezzi
  • Cengage Learning
  • 11/8/2021
  • ISBN: 9780170445931

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Parliamo italiano insieme 2 has been completely revised, with new and updated texts and activities, a new design and new illustrations throughout to engage students. This second edition provides more opportunities for differentiated learning through careful grading and scaffolding, and presentation of content in more manageable chunks, but still includes plenty of extension activities for more capable students. The new edition is supported by a rich and varied suite of brand-new digital resources for both students and teachers, including audio, grammar videos, interactive quizzes, worksheets, tests and more.


Parliamo italiano insieme 2, 2e kicks off with a new revision chapter to ensure a smooth transition from Level 1 to Level 2.

Vibrant new cartoon stories in Unità 1-10 deliver core language through relatable characters and engaging dialogues.

The Testi (reading texts) in each chapter are graded from easy to more challenging.

Two enrichment chapters (Unità 11 and 12) cater for students continuing into Year 11 or for more advanced students.

All digital resources are easily accessible in one place on NelsonNet, and each unit has a dowloadable zip file containing all audio tracks.

About the Authors

Gianna Pagni has over 30 years of experience in Italian language teaching and currently works as lead teacher at the NSW School of Languages. She has long-term experience on NESA HSC Examination Committees, has recently worked for 2 years as a Senior Curriculum Officer at NESA on the K-10 Languages syllabus development, and was one of the three writers of the Australian Curriculum: Italian. She is the lead author on Parliamo italiano insieme level 2.

Cesare Popoli has extensive Italian and Spanish language teaching experience, and currently works at the NSW School of Languages, as a teacher for senior students of Spanish. He also occasionally teaches Portuguese and assists the Italian department with editing and recording course work and exams. He is an experienced course writer, editor and advisor in Italian, Spanish and Portuguese courses for Beginners, Continuers and Extension students. He has also worked as an HSC exam writer and assessor.

Michela Pellizon has many years of experience in secondary schools in Victoria. She currently teaches Italian at Scotch College in Melbourne and collaborates with both the University of Melbourne and CO.AS.IT. in the preparation of professional development programs for teachers of Italian, as well as intensive programs for VCE students. She is also a VCE assessor.

Margherita Ghezzi is a highly experienced teacher of Italian and Languages publisher, who designed and commissioned the first edition of Parliamo italiano insieme level 1. She currently coordinates initial teacher education degrees for a range of online universities. Margherita was also part of the Australian Curriculum: Italian writing team.

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