Parliamo Italiano Insieme: 1 [Teacher Toolkit + NelsonNet]

  • Margherita Ghezzi, Michela Pellizon and Gianna Pagni
  • Cengage Learning
  • ETA 15 December 2020
  • ISBN: 9780170445894

RRP: $300.00 (Inc. GST)


Parliamo italiano insieme is returning in a fully revised second edition to fully address the Australian and Victorian Italian curriculums, as well as the new NSW Italian syllabus. This new edition retains the strong emphasis on cultural and intercultural teaching and learning from the first edition, with increased opportunities for differentiated learning, grammar drill and student engagement.

Key features of the series:

  • Rich course content which students and teachers know and love from the first edition has been updated
  • Focus on scaffolding of content and providing opportunities for a range of different learning styles
  • Digital content has been updated with a range of dynamic resources to appeal to all students of Italian and fully support teachers.

The Teacher Toolkit retains he wraparound style, with increased suggestions for differentiated learning, improved cross-referencing across the components, and stronger links to the curriculum. Overprinted Workbook answers and audio transcripts are included, to save teachers time with all teacher content and audio files accessible on the Teacher website.


Level 1
Unità 1 Buongiorno!
Unità 2 Di dove sei?
Unità 3 Tanti auguri!
Unità 4 Ecco la mia famiglia!
Unità 5 Ecco i miei amici
Unità 6 Mi piace la natura, mi piacciono gli animali
Unità 7 A che ora inizia la scuola?
Unità 8 Un po’ di shopping
Unita` 9 – Mangiare all’italiana fa bene!
Unita` 10 – Che tempo fa oggi in Italia e in Australia?
Unita` 11 – Parliamo di salute e di rimedi!
Unità 12 Usciamo o stiamo a casa?

About the Authors

Margherita Ghezzi is a highly experienced languages publisher, who also worked as an Italian teacher in Victoria, primarily in the Catholic sector. She commissioned the Parliamo Italiano Insieme series and designed the course in 2012. She was part of the Australian Curriculum: Italian writing team and has been acting as lead author on level 1. She is currently undertaking a PhD in Education at the University of Melbourne with Joe Lo Bianco.

Michela Pellizon is a Victorian teacher with several years of experience in the independent sector. She has worked at Melbourne Girls Grammar and is now teaching at the Academy of Mary Immaculate in Fitzroy. She is heavily involved in the Italian teaching community in Victoria: she is a regular presenter at VATI, managed the Swinburne Junior Italian Poetry Competition and is a VCE Italian assessor. She graduated from the University of Triest in Italy and she is currently completing a Master of Education at the University of Melbourne.

Gianna Pagni is a very influential teacher in NSW with over 25 years of experience in Italian language teaching. She has been one of the lead curriculum writers of Australian Curriculum: Italian. She is a lead teacher at Open High School in Sydney and has been involved in all aspects of teaching including working for the Board of Studies on all aspects of the HSC process. One of her areas of expertise is professional development of language teachers and developing digital resources for the distance education courses. She is the lead author on Parliamo Italiano Insieme level 2.

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