NSW Pearson Science: 10 – EAL/D Pack [Text + eBook + EAL/D Activity Book]

  • Greg Rickard, Warren Clarke, Jacinta Devlin, Greg Linstead, David Madden, Maggie Spenceley
  • Pearson
  • 17/7/2014
  • ISBN: 9781488657467

RRP: $65.95 (Inc. GST)


This pack contains the Student Book, EAL/D Activity Book and access to the eBook for Pearson Science New South Wales 10. Pearson Science New South Wales 10 EAL/D Activity Book is unique, as Pearson Science NSW the only series with an EAL/D (English as an Additional Language or Dialect) Activity Book. The extra support in the EAL/D Activity Books has been written by specialist EAL/D teachers to support learner diversity in the classroom. The EAL/D Activity Book can be used instead of, or in addition to, the standard Activity Book.

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