NSW Oxford Maths: 7 – Stage 4 – obook pro [1-year subscription] [For the NSW Curriculum]

  • Karen Bellamy, Helen Sorenson, Alexander Blanksby, Jennifer Nolan, Melanie Koetsveld, Sonja Stambulic, Robert Bell
  • Digital
  • Oxford University Press
  • 30/01/2024
  • ISBN: 9780190342609

RRP: $49.95 (Inc. GST)


Oxford Maths 7–10 NSW Curriculum is a new teaching and learning resource designed for the the NSW Mathematics Syllabus 7–10.

Oxford Maths 7–10 NSW Curriculum provides differentiated instruction that meets the needs of all students, making mathematics accessible and enjoyable for everyone

Student Book key features:

  • Three different pathways designed to build engagement and with students at different ability levels.
  • Bullet-point theory written in clear English creates easy-to-comprehend explanations of mathematical concepts.
  • Easy-to-understand diagrams help visualise difficult concepts.
  • Comprehensive exercises bring together new ideas and provide engaging contexts from real-world problems.
  • Student Books include fully scaffolded cross-curricular STEAM projects to foster design thinking to solve real-world problems.
  • Helpful hints enhance student learning with valuable tips and techniques.
  • Worked examples in a Think/Write double-column format, outlines the thought process behind solving problems and provides exemplar solutions.

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