NSW Handwriting Conventions: Year 4 [PDF on CD]

  • Steve Murray
  • Teachers 4 Teachers
  • 1/6/2009
  • ISBN: 9780980465594

RRP: $40.00 (Inc. GST)


Foundation font combined with quality exercises

Handwriting Conventions has been designed and specifically written to address the teaching of the Foundation handwriting style.

Handwriting Conventions has been designed, written and illustrated by Steve Murray a very professional and experienced primary school teacher who doubles as an award winning artist. Teachers and students love the creative, quirky artworks and engaging activities included on every page. Each book contains a double-sided slope card.

Key Features:

  • Written by an experienced Australian teacher
  • Expertly graded K-6
  • Engaging subject matter
  • Fun drills and exercises
  • Stunning graphics
  • Easy to use – caters for independent work

A very useful, non-printable digital PDF disc is available for purchase with class sets of Handwriting Conventions. The disc has been designed to assist teachers with lesson preparation and modelling of letters on whiteboards.

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