No Fear Shakespeare: A Companion [Side by Side Plain English]

  • Edited by John Crowther
  • Paperback
  • SparkNotes
  • 01/04/2008
  • ISBN: 9781411497467

RRP: $12.99 (Inc. GST)


Let’s face it. Hearing people talk about Shakespeare can be pretty annoying. Particularly if you feel like you don’t understand him. When people talk about which of Shakespeare’s plays they like best, or what they thought of a particular performance, they often treat Shakespeare like membership in some exclusive club. If you don’t ‘get’ him, if you don’t go to see his plays, you’re not truly educated or literate.

No Fear Shakespeare: A Companion gives you the straight scoop on everything you really need to know about Shakespeare, including:

  • What’s so great about Shakespeare?
  • How did Shakespeare get so smart?
  • Five mysteries of Shakespeare’s life – and why they matter
  • Did someone else write Shakespeare’s plays?
  • Where did Shakespeare get his ideas?
  • Shakespeare’s world
  • Shakespeare’s theatre
  • Shakespeare’s language
  • The five greatest Shakespeare characters.

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